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[netCDF #ROQ-388981]: configure is slow

> Hi,
> I'm trying to use netCDF 4.1.3 and find the configure to be extremely
> slow.  Someone operating the install script for the system in which
> netCDF is use d is likely to believe something is wrong and kill it.
> Why is it so slow? Why do the checks for fortran (ifort in particular)
> take several minutes on a relatively fast computer? The check for the
> presence of ifort ought to be limited to checking the path, and if not
> found moving on.
> Another question: the C++ interface isn't set up in the target (prefix)
> dir ectory as the result of the "make install" step. The C interface is
> set up (includes and libs) but not the C++. Shouldn't it be?
> Thanks,
> Christopher C. Arena
> SAST EXT Developer
> Middletown, RI
> 401 832 8566 (SMMTT Lab)
> 757 831 9255 (Cell)

Howdy Christopher!

Starting in version 4.2, the C++ and Fortran APIs will no longer be part of the 
C API distribution. As a result the configure is a lot shorter and quicker.

Another way to speed it up is to use the -C option (see the --help option for 
more info.)



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