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[netCDF #OSE-887102]: Problem reading HDFEOS5 file using NetCDF 4.1.1 OPeNDAP interface.

> We have encountered a problem reading HDFEOS5 files using the NetCDF
> 4.1.1 OPeNDAP interface through NCL.  These files are at the URL
> http://acdisc.gsfc.nasa.gov/opendap/HDF-EOS5/Aura_OMI_Level3/OMAEROe.003/2010/
> with names like OMI-Aura_L3-OMAEROe_2010m0712_v003-2010m0714t203639.he5.
> NetCDF gives the error "Name contains illegal characters", and indeed,
> when tracing through the code, we find that NC_check_name does not
> like a dimension name called "/HDFEOS/GRIDS/ColumnAmountAerosol/
> nWavelDiagnostic" because it contains the forward slash character. I am
> guessing this is actually a server side issue, but who needs to be
> notified of this problem?
> Using the "Get as NetCDF" option on the web interface to this file the
> dimension name gets mangled into
> "h5__HDFEOS_GRIDS_ColumnAmountAerosol_nWavelDiagnostic", so there must
> be code somewhere to make the names conform to NetCDF conventions.
> - Dave Brown

Howdy Dave!

I will ask Dennis about the opendap question.

As you note, downloading this as netcdf seems to get a file without these weird 
names. Any chance we can get the original file?



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