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[netCDF #QWQ-242371]: BUG(?): data type SHORT not a 2-byte integer type ?

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for letting us know that you found the answer in our archive of
past support responses.  I had actually forgotten the answer and was
ready to tackle it, but your email saved us time of rediscovering this
format idiosyncrasy :-).


> thank you for giving a ticket and for the links where I found a previous 
> posting related to my question at
> ===============================================================================
> [netCDF #AMR-714212]: netcdf file size for limited vs unlimited  (24 Mar 2010)
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -->  
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/support/help/MailArchives/netcdf/msg09067.html
> ===============================================================================
> Thread Subject: netcdf file size for limited vs unlimited dimension  (24 Mar, 
> 2010)
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -->  http://www.mathworks.ch/matlabcentral/newsreader/view_thread/277391
> ===============================================================================
> providing valuable information - and the answer / explanation to my question:
> ..the behaviour described below (of getting different files when using type 
> SHORT)  is related to the NetCDF library iteself and it is intentionally - 
> but it can be solved by the work-around of changing in the CDF text file 
> (with 2-variables)  the 'time'-dimension from UNLIMITED to the actual number 
> of time steps (i.e. actual number of records in NetCDF terminology (?)) 
> before transforming to binary format via ncgen.
> I think the work-around will fix the source of my problem which came up when 
> using the utility 'ncpdq' of the NCO package (NetCDF Operators) for the 
> "FLOAT-to-SHORT"-compression (or more precise: data type conversion / 
> transformation) of NetCDF data files using floating point types FLOAT or 
> (NCO home page:<http://nco.sourceforge.net/>)
> Best regards,
> Patrick Rix.
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> Rix, Patrick,
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