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[McIDAS #IFI-844551]: Using McIDAS scripts on the crontab

Hi JoÃo,

> I am attempting to periodically save some images to disk using IMGDISP and

OK, this should not be hard.

> I am calling these functions in a BAT file using the batch.k script which
> itself is contained in a shell script. Finally, I am calling the shell
> script in a crontab file as in the following:
> 0,15,30,45 * * * * /usr/local/mcidas/scripts/15m_update.sh >
> /usr/local/mcidas/scripts/15m_update.log 2>&1
> I know the cron itself is working since the 15m_update.log is being created
> at the correct times.
> Unfortunately, the mcidas scripts aren't working as planned. Although
> batch.k successfully calls the BAT files, the script inside the BAT files
> themselves are not running correctly. It would seem that environment
> variables are crucial in this problem. I have already hardcoded the McIDAS
> PATH to the shell script. What other variables do I need?

I am not sure where you got the batch.k script (from the ldm-mcidas 
but it will be a bad idea to use it since the McIDAS routines are likely
using it when trying to run the McIDAS BATCH command.  The reason for this
is that the McIDAS executables are named <function>.k.

In Unidata McIDAS I include two Bourne shell scripts that I encourage people
to use when they want to execute McIDAS commands from the shell or from
cron. If you are using the SSEC distribution of McIDAS, you will not have
these scripts.  Unfortunately right now I am in Cargagena, Colombia in
a workshop, and I do not have access to my McIDAS distribution.  When
I can get to my environment, I will send you the two scripts.


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