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[McIDAS #BNO-301677]: REMAP2

Hi Chris,

Sorry for the slow reply.  I am currently on travel, and the time I
have for getting online is limited...

> Not sure how to use REMAP2 in Mcidas. I tried using IMGREMAP initially to
> remap GOES-14 domain to a GOES-13 domain, but I need to maintain the RAW data
> values, which IMGREMAP does not allow.

Correct, IMGREMAP remaps and converts 10-bit images into 8-bit images.

> I am not even sure how to go about
> using REMAP2, as it asks for Source AREA numbers. How do you define them?

REMAP2 is one of the old McIDAS routines that still deals with files
(reads/writes) directly.  Historically McIDAS has had a file naming
convention where satellite images were stored in files named
AREAnnnn; here 'nnnn' is a 4 digit number that ranges from 0001
to 9999 (e.g., AREA0001, AREA0002, ..., AREA9999).  This number
is referred to as a source number.


- are the images you want to remap on your local machine?

  Or, are you using IMGCOPY to copy them from a remote
  ADDE server?

> As  you can tell, I am a novice at McIDAS, but I appreciate any help anyone
> can give!

If the images are on your local machine but named something other than
AREAnnnn (see above), then you will need to rename the image into
the AREAnnnn name form (or make a soft link to the file).  I suggest
doing this in your $MCDATA directory (I am assuming that you are
using Unidata McIDAS-X and have followed the Unidata McIDAS-X User
Guide directions for installing McIDAS; the MCDATA environment
variable definition is a key concept in Unidata McIDAS: it is
a user's McIDAS working directory).


- are you, in fact, using Unidata McIDAS?

- where are you getting your GOES-14 images?

- have read/scanned the Unidata McIDAS training workshop

  These materials talk about the AREA file naming convention.

> Thank you in advance!

As soon as I know more about your situation, I will be able
to help you more.


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