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[McIDAS #OXM-391278]: Still have a question regarding moving the cursor in the location of the maximum isosurface

Hi Rod,

> I am wondering while I was clicking the middle mouse to find the maximum
> radar isosurface in the vertical..

I believe that the value listed when interrogating the display is
the maximum reflectivity at the Lat,Lon point under the cursor for
any/all levels in the vertical.

> I had trouble locating the exact spot of
> the maximum radar isosurface.

The interrogation will list the maximum reflectivity at the Lat,Lon
point of the cursor.  Moving the cursor around the display while
holding down the middle mouse button will allow you to zero in on
the Lat,Lon location of the maximum reflectivity interactively.

If the objective is to determine the height of the maximum
reflectivity, I suggest doing the following:

- create a radar iso-surface display for the reflectivity
  value you are interested in (e.g., 55 dBz, 60 dBz, etc.)

- add a radar cross section display

- adjust the radar cross section's beginning and end points
  to align with the prevailing flow (e.g., southwest to northeast,

- look at the radar cross section display in the Dashboard window
  to see the vertical structure of reflectivities

> Is there a way you can explain this to me?

Does the explanation above answer your question?  If not, what
_exactly_ are you trying to find.

> Otherwise everything else at this time makes sense.



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