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[McIDAS #WKY-141244]: RTGRIB2 DATASET on adde.ucar.edu

Hi Humberto,

> My name is Humberto H. Peralta form the National Weather Service of
> Mexico. I am using McIDAS-X for developing some products and I noticed
> you manage some servers specifically the adde.ucar.edu.


> under
> Publically Accessible McIDAS ADDE servers
> I tried to use the gfs-glme0p5d at rtbrib2 dataset but I realized its
> empty.  I tried another servers on the list but without success.

That is correct.  The ADDE dataset definitions for the 0.5 degree GFS model
data are in-place, but the data is not being processed by McIDAS-XCD on
servers that we maintain.  The reason is that very few users typically use
the high resolution GFS model output in McIDAS, so we do not bother to
process it.

> I was wondering if you could recomend me another dataset for access the
> GFS of 0p5degrees. and maybe another models would be great.

We do process the 0.5 degree GFS model data using THREDDS Data Server (TDS).
In fact, the TDS processes and serves all model data that is flowing in the
NOAAPort SBN and Internet Data Distribution (IDD) CONDUIT datastreams.  The
data served by the TDS is not usable in McIDAS-X, but it is usable by
both the Unidata Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) and SSEC's next generation
McIDAS-V (which is built on top of the IDV).

Does your project mandate that you use the model data in McIDAS-X, or
could you use either the IDV or McIDAS-V?

If you need to stick with using McIDAS-X, you could download the 0.5
degree GRIB files of interest and setup processing them using McIDAS-XCD
(if you are a licensed McIDAS-XCD user) and serving using ADDE yourself.
I personally would use either the IDV or McIDAS-V since both applications
provide much better support for use of model data than McIDAS-X (and
I am a LONG time user of McIDAS-X and one of its non-SSEC developers).


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