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[McIDAS #MET-935016]: McIDAS - Cannot get mcunpack to execute -- keep getting message to define McINST_ROOT

Hi Alan,

> Nice to speak with you this afternoon--thank you again for you help!

Nice to speak to you also.

> After we spoke, I found out something new that may help with tracking
> things down.  That is, if I attempt to load, say, the GOESEAST image
> (single image), I obtain the following:
> expected integer but got ""
> expected integer but got ""
> while executing
> "format "%2d" $curfram"
> (procedure "curFrame" line 4)
> invoked from within
> "curFrame $bframe"
> invoked from within
> "set CurFrame [curFrame $bframe]"
> (command bound to event)
> The interesting thing I found out when attempting more images, is that
> if I click the the loop (rather than single image), then I can get the
> images to display.  Once the loop displays, I can then click the single
> button and get the single image.  But starting off with the single image
> results in the error above.  This seems strange--but may be helpful in
> narrowing down.

OK.  I think that the problem is that you are attempting to run a MCGUI
session without enough frames.  Here is what you should do:

<as 'mcidas'>
mcidas -config

This should bring up a gui that allows you to configure some parameters
for your McIDAS session.  Set the number of Image/Graphic frames to
at least 17.  At the same time, try setting the frame sizes to something
larger than their 480x640 default.  Depending on the resolution of your
display (I run at 1024x1280), you can up the size to something like
600 lines and 800 elements (configured by dragging the slider for each).
Make sure that you click on the Yes radiobutton for 'Save configuration
values to defaults file [YES/NO]' before clicking on the button labeled
'START'.  This will save the settings to the file ~/.mcidasrc so they
can be used automatically the next time you start McIDAS using 'mcidas'
(I see that there is no .mcidasrc file in ~mcidas at present so I know
that your session does not have enough frames).  The defaults you set
can be easily changed by starting McIDAS using 'mcidas -config' anytime
you feel like changing things.

Please let me know the results of the above on your system.


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