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[McIDAS #YXD-786071]: Installation trouble : Can't locate file for: -lcc_dynamic

Hi Gautam,

> Thanks your reply, but I am a little confused.
> As you correctly pointed that I was using Mcidas-X v2002, which is
> running on Dec Alpha (Tru64 Unix) cluster. Our research grp recently
> got a new Mac OS-X 10.4 cluster and for future processing, we wish to
> move to our new G4 cluster. Thus I was installing Mcidas-X v2005 on
> Mac OS-X when I ran into the problem.

Please forgive me.  I did not know you were trying to install the
latest release on your MacOS-X box(es).

> I am not trying to get an older version of Mcidas-X working, but
> trying to install the v2005 on Mac.
> I was not sure from your comments below, what do I need to do order
> to install the Mcidas-X v2005 on Macs:
> > "I added the '-lcc_dynamic -lICE -lSM' searches in older
> > distributions of McIDAS
> > and they are probably not applicable to current releases of MacOS-X."

Oops.  I just looked and see that I incorrectly added the 
-lcc_dynamic -lICE -lSM' searches to the v2005 version.  Please
do the following:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd ~mcidas/mcidas2005/src
-- edit mccomp.sh (not mccomp!) and comment out the

        l_opts="$l_opts -lcc_dynamic -lICE -lSM"

   at about line 1031

After making the change, restart the McIDAS build.  It might be best
to start the build from scratch:

make clobber
-- or --
make all

> Isn't the Mcidas-X v2005 compatible with MacOS-X?

Yes, it is, but there is a bit of a hoop one has to jump through
to get things to build.  The reason for this is that a Fortran
compiler (g77) is not included in the vanilla MacOS-X installation
(at least it wasn't on ours).  One typically uses Fink to do the
installation, but then some work is needed to tidy up the development
environment.  Did you rename the g77 library on MacOS-X:


  Renaming the g77 library on Mac OS X

  On Mac OS X systems, a collision can occur between the g77 version of the
  libgcc.a file and the Apple-supplied file of the same name. To resolve the
  conflict, the system administrator should run the three commands below to
  rename the file to libgcc_g77.a in the 
  directory and create a link to it in the /usr/local/lib/ directory.

  NOTE: that the version numbers in the directory path may be different on your 

  Type: cd /usr/local/lib/gcc/powerpc-apple-darwin7.2.0/3.4.0
  Type: mv libgcc.a libgcc_g77.a
  Type: ln -s libgcc_g77.a /usr/local/lib/"

Just so you know: on Friday we wiped our MacOS-X box and started a
clean installation.  We want to document the process that one needs
to go through to get to a fully functional development enviornment.
The sysadmin that setup our box previously, got things working, but
he has since left Unidata and we do not know exactly the steps he
took to create the development environment that we have (had).

> I appreciate all the help.

No worries.


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