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[IDD #NOY-159685]: LDM on allegan is dying

Hi John,

> Thanks again Tom!,
> I owe you a pizza and a beer
> or do you prefer Jax Seafood?

Pizza and beer sound great :-)  If I ever collected on all of
the beers I was promised, I would have to check into the
Betty Ford Clinic ;-)

> With the new disk added to allegan I have removed all of
> the mounts between webcat and allegan.

Very good.  Turning on processing of the data on allegan was
the correct thing to do then.

> I took a closer look at the firewall and port 388 and found
> that rpc.ldmd was refusing the connection from webcat
> according to /var/adm/messages.
> The problem was that they added an /etc/hosts entry for
> webcat and it was resolving the hostname as 'webcat'
> but the allow statement was for 'webcat.gis.usu.edu'
> I have added an allow entry in /home/ldm/etc/ldmd.conf
> for 'webcat' 'webcat.gis.usu.edu' and ''
> restarted LDM on allegan and webcat appears to be
> able to connect to allegan now.

Ah Ha!  I never thought to look at /etc/hosts (not that it
would have done me a lot of good given that I don't have
'root' access).

> address@hidden:/root# telnet allegan 388
> Trying
> Connected to allegan.gis.usu.edu.
> Escape character is '^]'.
> Connection to allegan.gis.usu.edu closed by foreign host.
> ..
> allow ANY webcat.gis.usu.edu
> allow ANY webcat
> allow ANY
> allow ANY
> allow ANY
> ..
> "/home/ldm/etc/ldmd.conf" 80 lines, 2705 characters
> allegan# getent hosts
>    webcat
> allegan# cd /etc/rc3.d
> allegan# ./S90ldm stop
> Stopping LDM daemon
> allegan# ./S90ldm start
> Stopping LDM daemon
> Deleting LDM Queue
> Creating LDM Queue
> Starting LDM daemon
> allegan#
> ..
> address@hidden:/root# telnet allegan 388
> Trying
> Connected to allegan.gis.usu.edu.
> Escape character is '^]'.
> ^]
> telnet> Connection to allegan.gis.usu.edu closed.
> address@hidden:/root#

I checked last night and saw that there was current data
available through the ADDE server on webcat.  I assume that
things are working correctly now.


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