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20051012: ADDE access on papagayo

>From:  Clint Rowe <address@hidden>
>Organization:  University of Nebraska Geosciences
>Keywords:  200510121733.j9CHXbeX018904 McIDAS ADDE papagayo

Hi Clint,

I am just now getting to a point where I have time to take a look at the
ADDE setup on papagayo.  Ever since your disk problem, access to the
remote ADDE server on papagayo has not worked, and I would like to
investigate.  I would also like to upgrade the serving of NIMAGE GINI

The status at the moment is that papagayo is ingesting data and
decoding it into McIDAS compatible formats, and those data can be
accessed using ADDE from the 'mcidas' account on papagayo.  What is not
working is the remote access.

Possible problem areas:

1) If I remember correctly, you are running NIS/NIS+.  I am not sure I
   know/understand what the impact of NIS is on ADDE, but I seem to
   remember that it might have something to do with serving not working.
   If this is true, I will need your help/input since I know virtually
   nothing about NIS.

2) As of v2005, McIDAS ADDE uses port 112 exclusively.  It might well be
   the case that there is a firewall setup on papagayo that is not
   allowing traffic on port 112.  Can you check this out?  Thanks.


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