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20051012: ADDE access on papagayo (cont.)

>From:  Clint Rowe <address@hidden>
>Organization:  University of Nebraska Geosciences
>Keywords:  200510121733.j9CHXbeX018904 McIDAS ADDE papagayo

Hi Clint,

>I don't think there are any firewalls on papagayo -- at least, I
>didn't get any installed after the big disk crash.  See more comments

re: I don't know diddly about NIS
>Me, too ;-)


re: possible firewall stuff
>Here's what's in /etc/services for mcidas. I'm seeming to remember that
>there should be something for mcadde, too?!?
>ldm             388/tcp         ldm             # UCAR Unidata LDM
>mcidas          112/tcp                         # McIDAS ADDE port

Actually, I just figured it out.  The entry in /etc/inetd.conf pointed
to /home/mcadde instead of /home/mcidas.  As soon as I changed this and
sent a HUP signal to inetd, all was well.

For the files:

The problem is actually a result of your NIS setup for the user
'mcadde'.  The McIDAS script that sets up /etc/services and
/etc/inetc.conf entries (~mcidas/mcinet2005.sh) created the
/etc/inetd.conf entry specifying that the remote ADDE server be
ch-rooted to the /home/mcadde directory instead of /home/mcidas.  My
instructions for the McIDAS ADDE remote servers have system
administrators setup the HOME directory for the user 'mcadde' to be the
same as the user 'mcidas' (and for the 'mcadde' account to not allow
logins).  It appears that your NIS setup specifies the HOME directory
for 'mcadde' to be /home/mcadde, so that was what was used.  Since
/home/mcadde is empty, the various ADDE servers were not being found
and remote connections were returning with no information.  As soon as
I changed the /etc/inetd.conf entry to use /home/mcidas, remote access
started working.

The other way around this problem would have been to delete
/home/mcadde and make it a link to /home/mcidas.  I may still do this
if you don't mind.


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