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20040212: McIDAS support on MacOS-X

>From: Collin Grove <address@hidden>
>Organization: OSU
>Keywords: 200402121404.i1CE4Ip1008937 McIDAS MacOS-X

Hi Collin,

>Hello, I had a general question about the builds available for 
>McIDAS-X. I'm running Mac OS X (on top of BSD Unix) and was wondering 
>how hard it would be to compile it for a Mac. Any insight would be 
>great. Thanks,

SSEC has been successful in building McIDAS on the Panther release
of MacOS-X.  The Unidata release of McIDAS may not yet have all
of the code modifications needed to make the build successful, but
your email is enough prompting for me to try the build to see.

In any case, the next major release of McIDAS, which is due out
this summer, will have support for MacOS-X Panther.


Tom Yoksas

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