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20040212: question from old Europe ...

>From:  "=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Marianne=20K=F6nig?=" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  EUMETSAT
>Keywords:  200402121515.i1CFF0p1010998 McIDAS SuSe 8.2 Lnux

Hi Marianne,

>I hope you are fine.

I am well, thanks.  I hope the new year has been nice to you so far.

>My question for today is: have you ever tried to compile mcidas on Suse8.2?
>And if yes, what is your experience?

I have not tried on 8.2, but I did build McIDAS on a previous version.
Also, a fellow from the Netherlands who attended our fall series of
training workshops built successfully under Knopix, but I don't
remember the version number.  I wouldn't guess that there should be any
problem building the Unidata distribution under SuSe x.x since my
distribution supports the gcc/g77 compiler combination, but I am not
sure of what I can say for the SSEC distribution because of its use of
f2c.  By the way, I think that it is likely that SSEC will be
supporting g77 for builds in the next release.

>Thank you (it is Thursday, don't tell me you are out skiing ...)

It is Thursday, and I an _not_ going skiing.



>From address@hidden Thu Feb 12 14:37:49 2004

Hi Marianne,

re: building under SuSe
>We will just give the Suse a try ...

OK.  Please let me know your results.


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