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20040109: McIDAS data access

>From: Melanie Wetzel <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Nevada-Reno/DRI
>Keywords: 200401092003.i09K3fp2009536  McIDAS firewall ADDE Unidata-Wisconsin

Hi Melanie,

>Hello Tom,  Happy 2004!!

You too!  Are you going to the AMS this year?  If yes, I'll probably see
you there.

>Paul Neeley mentioned that you and he have been working on the ADDE firewall
>issue recently.   I was just curious about whether there was any similarity
>to the City College of New York site; I was talking with Ward Hindman from
>CCNY and he said that they use ADDE and have a firewall.

It is similiar only in that there is a firewall at both institutions.
The difference between DRI and other sites running McIDAS that have
firewalls (and most do) is that other sites are willing to allow
unrestricted traffic through ports that ADDE uses: 500, 503, and 112.
Paul is trying to setup a proxy service on the DRI firewall, and
that has never been done successfully before.  I have to admit that
if he is successful, other sites will be very interested in how he
accomplished the feat.

>On a different topic, could I ask you for the username/password to data
>archived on gold.ssec.wisc.edu ?

Yes, but the machine to go to now is unidata2.ssec.wisc.edu:

user: XXXXXX
pass: XXXXXX

The layout is the same as it was on gold, but there are a LOT more
days of data kept online.


No worries.



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