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20040112: 'mcidas2003.sh' missing from 'mcidasx2003.tar.Z'

>From: Micah Epps <address@hidden>
>Organization: DRS Weather Systems
>Keywords: 200401122035.i0CKZMp2011761 McIDAS-X


I am at the AMS show in Seattle at the moment, so answering support
email is hit and miss.

>I've downloaded McIDAS 2003 for Unix, namely "mcidasx2003.tar.Z".
>I've read thru the PDF file on how to install.
>I've gotten to the point where I run "mcidas2003.sh".
>It doesn't exist!

Unidata is licensed by the Space Science and Engineering Center at the
University of Wisconsin-Madison to distribute McIDAS to research and
educational institutions worldwide, but not to any commercial
concerns.  The issue of you getting our distribution of McIDAS was
brought to my attention yesterday evening by folks at SSEC who wanted
to know how it was possible that you were given access to our
distribution.  Since you work for a corperate enterprise, you should
not have been given access to Unidata McIDAS-X through our web site.
Can you explain how you came to get our distribution?

>Can you email a copy of this file and tell me where to place it?

Again, since you work for a commercial concern, you should be getting
McIDAS directly from SSEC.  Please contact the support folks in the
McIDAS Users Group (MUG), address@hidden, to learn how you can
become a legally-licensed user of McIDAS.  In the interim, I have to
ask you to delete the distribution you downloaded from Unidata.  If you
feel that you should have access to our distribution in spite of the
SSEC restrictions, please let us know your reasons.

>Thanks in advance,
>Micah Epps
>DRS Weather Systems


Tom Yoksas

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