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20010122: update of NEXR ADDE servers for NWS FTP NIDS produc ts (cont.)

>From: "Hoeth, Brian" <address@hidden>
>Organization: JSFC
>Keywords: 200101172009.f0HK9le29791 McIDAS ADDE NEXRADIR NEXRAGE


>Still no joy?
>Everything SEEMED to work like a charm, the make completed "normally",
>including linking.  But, when I went to check /home/mcidas/bin for nexradir
>and nexraget the dates on these executables is Jan. 2 instead of Jan. 22?

This most likely means one of three things:

o your ~mcidas/bin directory executables are links to your
  ~mcidas/mcidas7.7/src executables.  Check this by:

  cd mcidas7.7/src
  ls -alt imgdisp.k ~/bin/imgdisp.k

  If the files are identical, then your ~mcidas/bin directory contains
  7.700 executables.  If not, do the equivalent from the 7.704 src

  cd ~/mcidas7.704/src
  ls -alt imgdisp.k ~/bin/imgdisp.k

  If you are really using 7.704 executables, then these two files should
  be the same.

o your ~mcidas/bin directory is on a file system that is different from
  ~mcidas/mcidas7.704/src.  In this case the McIDAS installation process
  copies executables to the $McINST_ROOT directory.

o you are using gcc/mcfc (f2c) to build your executables.  mcfc (a wrapper
  around f2c and gcc) will not preserve the link between the executable
  in the $McINST_ROOT/bin directory and the one in the McIDAS src directory.

>I tried the make again and it says that nexradir and nexraget are up to

The compilation/link step completed normally in the first step.  Rerunning
make at this point shouldn't attempt to rebuild/link the executables.

What you need to figure out is what executables are supposed to be

Apparently, in your 'mcidas' account you have at least two
distributions, 7.700 and 7.704 (I say this based on a previous email).
The executables built in the src directory for either distribution get
linked (when the bin directory is on the same file system as the src
directory) or copied (when the bin directory is on a different file
system than the src directory) to the $McINST_ROOT/bin directory during
the installation phase.  I had thought that you would be using the
7.704 executables for these tests since those are the only ones from
SSEC that contain the NEXRAD ADDE servers.

If this system really is supposed to use the 7.704 Fastrack
executables, then you should:

<verify your McINST_ROOT setting in your 'mcidas' Unix session points
to the place you really want it to>
cd mcidas7.704
make install.bin

This will link/copy the 7.704 executables to the $McINST_ROOT/bin
directory.  After this, the versions of nexradir and nexraget in the
~mcidas/bin directory will match those in the mcidas7.704/src
directory.  If this step does not make sense to you, I would suggest
that you chat with Bryan Batson for a couple of minutes to get an
overview of the McIDAS installation process.

The reason it may seem like I am beating around the bush in the above
is that I don't know which set of executables you are supposed
to be trying out.  Unidata sites would not have this problem since
my addenda get/put/built in the original distribution directory
tree, ~mcidas/mcidas7.7/src.

>When I do:
>I still get the error that no images meet that selection criteria?

When you run this, you are still using the older executables, so you
should expect the same message.

>I notice that you say:
>"Nexrad files are to be found matching:

This was meant as an example.

>The directory structue that's setup by SSEC is
>"/home/mcidas/data/nids/\ID/\PROD/*" ...

This is fine.  The design of the server allows one to put the files
anywhere s/he wants, and pretty much name them anything s/he wants.  The
important thing as far as speed goes is that the station ID be one
node in the directory hierarchy.

>is there a way that I can change
>the way that your nexrad files are being matched or am I going to have to
>make my DSSERVE point to this /data/mcidas/nexrad/\ID/\PROD/\PROD_ directory

The operative part of my comment was the /\ID/\PROD clause.  The parent
directory is not important, and the file naming is not important.
Leave your setup the way it is.


You are welcome.

>Brian Hoeth
>Sustaining S/W Engineering, Lockheed Martin
>Consolidated Space Operations Contract
>Office: 281-218-2240
>Pager: 281-613-1020


>From address@hidden Mon Jan 22 14:48:47 2001
>Subject: RE: 20010119: update of NEXR ADDE servers for NWS FTP NIDS products 

Never mind Tom!!!

In doing a little bit more searching around, I found out that the updated
nexradir and nexraget executables reside in /home/mcidas/mcidas7.704/src ...
so, I just copied over the executables to /home/mcidas/bin and everything
worked just fine. 

Thanks again for all your help!

Brian Hoeth
Sustaining S/W Engineering, Lockheed Martin
Consolidated Space Operations Contract
Office: 281-218-2240
Pager: 281-613-1020

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