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20010122: McIDAS compilation fails at stnplot.k link (cont.)

>From: Unidata Support <address@hidden>
>Organization: Ohio State
>Keywords: 200101191639.f0JGdce19656 Sun Solaris SC5.0 ld bus error


I have had a chance to talk with our systems administrator about the
bus error you are seeing while linking an application in the McIDAS-X
build.  His immediate reaction was that there were a number of
patches from Sun that related to development environment issues.  He
even thought that he remembered a similar bus error here at Unidata
that was resolved by installing patches.

Here are his comments:

 >From address@hidden Mon Jan 22 11:32:13 2001
 >Subject: Re: 20010122: bus error related to ld when using SC5.0 f77

 >I think the error is from the development environment although I can't
 >find specific mention of that error.  Possible patches include;

 >107357-09    Compiler Common 5.0: Patch C 5.0, C++ 5.0, F77 5.0, F90 2.0
 >107596-03    F77 5.0: Patch for FORTRAN 77 (f77) 5.0 compiler
 >107830-02    Compiler Common 5.0_x86: Patch C 5.0, C++ 5.0, F77 5.0
 >107989-01    Fortran Common 5.0: Patch F77 5.0, F90 2.0


>On Jan 22, 11:03am, Unidata Support wrote:
> Subject: 20010122: bus error related to ld when using SC5.0 f77
> ------- Forwarded Message
> f77: Fatal error in ld: Bus Error
> I guess that you might check to see which version of the loader/linker
> you are using:
> which ld

So, it is most likely the case that you need to apply one or more patches
to your development environment.

I hope that this helps...


>From address@hidden Wed Jan 24 16:12:33 2001
>Subject: Re: 20010122: McIDAS compilation fails at stnplot.k link (cont.) 

Tom -

I installed the suggested patches (as well as a general cluster patch) and
recompiled with success!  Everything tested out and installed fine as
well.  Thanks to you and the staff for your help.  


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