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20000330: Unidata ADDE subserver code for NIDS and GINI imagery (cont.)

>From: "ORAM, TIM (JSC-ZS)" <address@hidden>
>Organization: NASA/JSFC
>Keywords: 200003271815.LAA29999 Unidata McIDAS-X ADDE subserver NIDS GINI 


>Thanks Tom.  I understand that you'll be modifying the NIDS server for the
>compression.  I'd like to know when you've got the modifications ready since
>this may save us a large amount of work and your work will probably be done
>before SSEC completes their effort (regardless of whether they use your code
>or develop their own).

OK, I will try to remember to send you a notification as soon as I have
the modifications implemented.

re: are you getting GINI imagery
>We have a NOAAPort receive system provided by the National Weather Service.
>We are receiving the GOES channels in the broadcast, but only the NWSTG data
>are fed to the MIDDS (as far as I know).


>Both GOES channels and the NWSTG
>data will be fed to our AWIPS starting sometime this spring.

Your setup is probably identical to the one that COMET has right now (but
they are getting all four NOAAPORT channels).  We tap off of their dish
into our own ingestion box (single four-channel board in a PC running
Solaris x86) which has been working extremely well.

re: JSFC make GINI imagery available to Unidata community via ADDE
>       Right now, there are no datasets available.  I'm not sure what it
>would take for us store the gini data on a server, although I have
>considered that possibility as a potential backup to our Global Imaging
>ingestors.  We have not asked the software engineers to look at this
>possibility and no work has been done to make this happen.  We use NESDIS
>and the Cape as backups.  

The setup at Plymouth State College (a Unisys ingest system) has the images
dumped into a single directory for GOES-East and another one for GOES-West.
They keep about six to eight images of each type online all the time but
were thinking about storing more.  They are doing this on a PC running

>       As a test, I can probably get GINI images from an AWIPS prototype
>that we are running here.  Then, I can test your server with this imagery to
>compare the quality of the imagery for evaluation purposes.

Please let me know if you need help in setting up the server.  The
configuration file for my ADDE serves needs to be in the current
working directory of the server if the file is specified as
INFO=GINI.CFG in RESOLV.SRV.  If one completely specifies the location
of the file, it can be anywhere that is readable (e.g.,
INFO=/home/mcidas/mcidas/data/GINI.CFG).  Once you have done one setup
and have gotten the hang of using regular expressions in the configuration
file, subsequent configurations are a snap.


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