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20000201: McIDAS-X build failure on RedHat 5.2 Linux (cont.)

>From: Xinli Li <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Hawaii
>Keywords: 200002010159.SAA22183 McIDAS-X tclconfig make gcc


>The "cc" in my setting is a link to gcc.


>the c-compiler in my machine is gnu
>version. I saw installation manual it require
>gnu 2.7.3, is that the same version supported by mcidas7.6?

Your version should be OK.

>By the way,whenever I use this compiler I 
>have to add flag -lm to get math library for this version, that is, 
>I have to type :
>"gcc -ansi -lm filename" to compile a c code

OK, we will see if this is needed for the McIDAS build.

>but I did not see any setting in the installation manual
>about this option. I also tried to add this flag in
>my .cshrc file, it was still not working.

That was not the error.

>The configure file showed error:
>"/tmp/cca198581.o(.text+0x10): undefined reference to `sin'" (if no -lm) 
>"configure:3352: net/errno.h: No such file or directory"

That was not the error either.

>you can login my computer as user ...

Thanks, this helped get things going quickly.  I logged in and found a
couple of things that probably were causing the failure:

o the CFLAGS environment variable in .cshrc was set to '-o'; it should
  be set to '-O'.  I made this change and then did a 'source .cshrc'

o it turns out that the 'make clobber' was not cleaning up in the
  mcidas7.6/tcl/unix directory.  The reason that it wasn't was that the
  configure step had not gotten far enough to create a Makefile, so
  there was nothing a 'make distclean' could do.  I cleaned up by hand

  cd mcidas7.6/tcl/unix
  rm config.cache
  rm config.log

  there was a file named -DNDEBUG in the this directory also;
  I removed it:

  rm -- -DNDEBUG

After making the above changes I did the following:

cd ~/mcidas7.6/src
make clobber
make mcx

As I write this make is compiling C modules for the McIDAS library.  I
will wait until some executables get compiled and linked to see if
there is a need to do anything extra with the '-lm' flag.

<after about 15 minutes>

The netCDF contained in the distribution has been built, and the Tcl/Tk
stuff is currently being compiled.  So far, everything is going smoothly.

<about 5 minutes later>

OK, McIDAS executables are being built with no problems.  I am
stopping the build at this point <CONTROL-C>.  You should continue
the build by:

<login as 'mcidas'>
cd mcidas7.6
make clobber                <- optional if you want to see a clean build
                               from start to end
make mcx
make install.mcxall         <- after the build has finished, you install it

You will then need to continue with the configuration of McIDAS-X as is
discussed in the online McIDAS documentation.

>Thank you!

You are welcome.  I am guessing that an initial 'tclconfig' attempt
went bad and created the mcidas7.6/tcl/unix/config.cache file.  This
saves settings from/for a configure run.  Each time you tried to start
the compile, a configure would be kicked off in the mcidas7.6/tcl/unix
directory, but new settings would not be generated since config.cache
existed.  Removing it and straightening out the CFLAGS environment
variable enabled configure to run correctly and so produce a Makefile.

By the way, the connection from here to Hawaii is very good, and your
machine is apparently reasonably fast, so this build should not take
too much time.


>From address@hidden  Tue Feb  1 19:39:15 2000


One thing I forgot to mention in my previous email.  I did a 'top'
as the user 'mcidas' and note that an invocation of 'control-panel'
was taking up about 99% of the CPU:

  9:30am  up 1 day,  7:19,  2 users,  load average: 1.03, 1.48, 1.68
63 processes: 60 sleeping, 3 running, 0 zombie, 0 stopped
CPU states: 99.6% user,  0.3% system,  0.0% nice,  0.1% idle
Mem:  257048K av, 249252K used,   7796K free,  46192K shrd, 141396K buff
Swap:  72256K av,    112K used,  72144K free                 56728K cached

21609 root      13   0  1620 1620  1224 R       0 99.4  0.6  51:23 control-pane
31967 mcidas     1   0   720  720   552 R       0  0.5  0.2   0:00 top

I noticed this on my RedHat 5.2 machine when I did the following:

o logged on as root
o ran control panel
o exited the session without exiting control-panel

For some reason the control-panel routine keeps running even when root
logs off (or if became root and then ran control panel).  This is some
sort of a bug that goes away in RedHat 6.x.

Your machine will run faster if you kill that renegade control-panel

<become root>
kill -9 21609

This will make the McIDAS build go lots faster, so I highly recommend it.


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