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20000201: McIDAS-7.6 and Solaris 8EA Intel

>From: weather <address@hidden>
>Organization: NMSU/NSBF
>Keywords: 200002012014.NAA24754 McIDAS Solarisx86 8 gcc-2.95


>Just thought I would let you know (you probably have already
>done it, I guess) that McIDAS-X 7.6 compiles and installs/runs fine
>with Solaris 8 Early Access--Intel and gcc-2.95/f2c.

I was aware of Solaris 8, but we have not gotten it in house yet.  I
am happy to hear that you have waded the uncertain waters with success!
One thing I can add, but it only concerns gcc-1.95, is that gcc-2.95
running on Solaris 2.5.1 SPARC bombs out on at least one McIDAS C
routine.  The problem is not with the C code, but, rather, with the
2.95 version of gcc.  The 2.8.1 version works fine on the Solaris box.
This problem came to light through a transaction with Michigan State
earlier this month.

How was Antarctica?  It turns out that I know three people that were
down on the ice at the same time.  One you may have met, Matthew Lazara
of SSEC, and the other you most certainly did not meet (not at McMurdo).



>From address@hidden  Wed Feb  2 08:13:46 2000

Thanks for the tip on gcc Tom!  It is on a standby, play around
machine fortunately.

The Ice was successful from a ballooning standpoint (and forecasting
standpoint) but I was gone much longer than planned.  I talked
to Matthew several times..we had corresponded via e-mail several
times as he gave me ADDE access to their server in McMurdo.

I am having hardware problems with our Ultrasparc now,
the new CPU upgrade (440Mhz) lasted 12 hours before it
panic with an ecache error, and now I come in and tha machine
is at the ok prompt with the message "Memory address not aligned".
Since I am the webmaster, a forecaster, sys admin, hardware
technician, balloon performance analyst, and Safety Officer,
I am pulling my hair out and I leave for Sweden in about 14


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