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19990331: McIdas-X 7.5 build problem on Debian Linux

>From: Mark Tucker <address@hidden>
>Organization: Lyndon State
>Keywords: 199903302005.NAA13519 McIDAS-X Debian Linux


re: your system is Debian Linux

re: read Notes and Warnings

re: mcfc
>The McIdas/netCDF setup page instructed to set the FC environment that
>way.  I removed it and everything has compiled successfully.  So far it
>seems to be working correctly.  

Nuts.  This was my mistake; sorry.  I have corrected it online.

>The FC environment was the problem:
>setenv FC /home/mcidas/mcidas7.5/src/mcfc

Right.  This should have been fort77 or not defined (the configure step
will try to make it fort77 by default).

re: access information
>I will call tomorrow with the account info.  I may still have some
>questions (after I read some more).


>Thanks for your help.

Sorry for the mis-information.


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