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19990208: building site developed code to Unidata McIDAS (cont.)

>From: Anthony James Wimmers <address@hidden>
>Organization: UVa
>Keywords: 199901271455.HAA12002 McIDAS user code


>I must not have said before that last time, I was using the *new* makefile to 
>compile before (after re-adding your code).

I just logged onto your system and see that you are _not_ using the new
makefile.  I see that you did add the COMPILERS macro definition that I
noted in a previous email, but I see that you did not add the other
entries that are needed.  For this I blame myself since I forgot to tell
you about this in the earlier email.

The list of changes that are needed are:

o add COMPILERS macro definition (you have already done that)
o add $(COMPILERS) to the definition of COMPARGS and LINKARGS:





LINKARGS        = $(BFC) $(DEBUG) $(STRIP)



o append $(COMPILERS) to the end of the rule for the creation of $(TCLCOMP):


$(TCLCOMP)      : tclcomp.sh
            rm -f $@
            sh tclcomp.sh $(TCLDIR) $(PKGTCL) $(PKGTK) $@


$(TCLCOMP)      : tclcomp.sh
            rm -f $@
            sh tclcomp.sh $(TCLDIR) $(PKGTCL) $(PKGTK) $@ $(COMPILERS)

Sorry I forgot about these mods to 'makefile' (the new makefile already has
these in it, so your copy can not be the new one).

>That lead to problems that I wrote you about. Should I be using the old

No.  You need to add your section to the new makefile (you have already
made the addition to the copy I see in ~mcidas/mcidas7.4/src/makefile).

>Today I checked the new makefile and saw that it had all of the macro 
>definitions you wrote about except for:
>COMPILERS       = -vendor
># COMPILERS     =
>So I added that in.

OK, I see this, and it was done correctly.

>Then I saw that wfgimnt.o and lisgix.o were not in the 
>directory, so I preceeded to compile. I got the same error message as before:
>fc -c -O wfgimnt.f
>/usr/bin/fc[8]: fc: bad option(s)
>compile        wfgimnt.pgm:            FAILED

The failure is due to $(COMPILERS) not being included in the definitions of
COMPARGS and LINKARGS as I note above.

>Maybe this relates to my first question. I wanted to check with you before
>using the old makefile though.

After you make the additions above, things should work.  I would have made
the mods myself, but I forgot the login for 'mcidas'.


Sorry for the struggle.


>From address@hidden  Mon Feb  8 14:53:31 1999
We got everything worked out on the Tom side of things. Now we just
have to work things out on the Tim side again. We'll let you know when
it gets working.  Thanks a bunch for sticking it out with us.


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