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[LDM #ALL-578381]: LDM server question.


> Thanks for the response.�  I have been looking at the LDM website and
> was wondering if you could help me understand the LDM process a bit
> more by answering some questions I had.�  Please excuse me if they are
> overly trivial!<br>
> 1)&#65533;  Can you describe in detail the distribution process for NEXRAD
> level 2 data?&#65533;  I am affiliated with CSU, so if I get an LDM server set
> up, what is the protocol to ingest data?&#65533;  How does this process differ
> from a private company looking to use the data for research purposes?

I believe he steps in distribution are: 1) radar sites send products to their
NWS regional HQ-s using the LDM; 2) the regional HQ-s relay the
products to the NWS national HQ using the LDM; 3) the nation HQ
relays the data to about 4 or 5 other sites using the LDM; 4) 4 of
those sites are university-affiliated (UCAR, NSF, OU, Purdue) and
allow *.edu-s to connect to them and receive the products via the
LDM.  OU and Purdue also allow *.com-s to connect (for a price?).

I could be wrong, however, so you should verify my assertions.  One
place to go is <http://www.roc.noaa.gov/NWS_Level_2/>.

If the data is for CSU, then you should be able to receive the
data from idd.unidata.ucar.edu and idd.cise-nsf.gov.

If the data is for a commercial entity, then you're on your
own --- although CSU might agree to send it to you.  I note
that the atmospheric science department at CSU is already
receiving the data.

> 2)&#65533;  I read in the mail archives someone was using SuSe 9.3 to run the
> LDM software.&#65533;  Do you know if the latest version of Suse is compatible
> with a binary distribution of the LDM software and/or what changes
> would need to be made to the LDM code to make it work?<br>
> <br>

Due to the difficulty of the task, we don't distribute binary
versions of the LDM package.  The LDM package is extremely
portable and should work on any UNIX-like system.

> 3)&#65533;  What is the format of the NEXRAD level 2 data feed from 
> LDM?&#65533;  Is it
> gridded NetCDF or would this process have to take place at the client
> terminal?<br>

Refer to the FAQ-link in the previous URL for information on the
data format.  It's not in netCDF format.

The GEMPAK and IDV packages already know the data-format.

A software library that knows the data format is available
from Goddard Space Flight Center (Google "GSFC TRMM RSL").

Steve Emmerson

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