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[LDM #NXJ-554265]: LDM setup questions

Hi Yoori,

> My name is Yoori Choi, PHD student in Civil Engineering department at Drexel
> University in Philadelphia. I'm trying to setup LDM. I completed "4.
> Installing the LDM" and then moved to "5. Configuring the LDM". I already
> obtained upstream data-feeds and also received the authorization at the
> upstream LDM and then go through the rest of steps. But I was stuck on
> "editing LDM user's crontab(1) file", when I type the command "crontab -e"
> as indicated, it says there is no crontab file existed

This would be normal for a new 'ldm' account/installation.

> and then directly
> produce the empty text file. Even though it is new and empty file, I was
> trying to add "0 * * * * bin/ldmadmin scour >/dev/null
> 0 0 * * * bin/ldmadmin newlog ", but doesn't allow me to save.

A user's ability to run jobs out of cron is not guaranteed.  Please contact
your system administrator and ask him/her to all cron jobs for 'ldm'.

> Without completing "5. Configuring the LDM" section for crontab issue, I
> just go through "6. Activation the LDM installation" and somehow "ldmadmin"
> command is not working. It says "the command not found".

This could be caused by a wide variety of things all of which are related
to the PATH in scope for your 'ldm' user:

1) the PATH defined for your 'ldm' user does not include the directory in which
   LDM applications were installed:

   If you are using the C-Shell for your 'ldm' user, then doing a 'source 
   will force reloading of configurations you have made in the file.  If you
   correctly configured PATH in .cshrc, this will make the PATH setting active

2) you did not setup the runtime links that are recommended in the LDM
   installation document, so the location of the LDM executables is different
   from what you have setup your PATH to look for.  If this is your problem,
   the solution is to go back and implement the runtime link approach to
   LDM installation since this will save you lots of headaches in the future
   when you upgrade your LDM (trust me on this one :-)

3) you did not complete the 'make install' and 'sudo make install_setuids' step

> Could you please help me to solve my problems? Thank you so much.

Please check on the possibilities listed above and let us know if your problem
was solved.


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