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[IDV #UQV-193126]: color table labels dont show in colored trajectory

> I tried the new trajectory function. Cool!!
> A few bugs though.
> Here is my example bundle with the problems, it uses opendap data so you can 
> reproduce it.
> http://weather.rsmas.miami.edu:8080/repository/entry/show/UM+RAMADDA+Data+Repository/Users/brian+mapes/trajectories?entryid=47872164-37fd-49f3-b739-2381b1d68af6

    I made a few bugs fixed this after. If you download tomorrow's nightly 
release, your bundle should work as expected. It is a little complicated to do 
the subset the new region since this is the derived of derived, I will think 
about this after the 4.0 release.

> 1. Labels don't appear on the color table. (see .mov attached to bundle,
> color table is Z from 2000-6000m).
> 2. Trajectories didn't get recreated when I load the bundle.
> Is that the desired behavior?
> Color table range (2000-6000 in the .mov) didn't get carried in the bundle.
> (when I reload the bundle I get the default color range of Z from all 3D 
> data).
> 3. When I subset the Dataset (in its Properties) to a new region and time,
> and check Reload Displays, I get the wind vectors moved to the new region and 
> time,
> but trajectories creates some crazy lines and this error message:
> [cid:706B3308-3039-4125-AC48-B56F941CAB9E]
> 5. When I then try to create new trajectories after this failed re-subset of 
> the dataset,
> the crazy lines don't reappear, and I get null pointer error.
> java.lang.NullPointerException
> at 
> ucar.unidata.idv.control.GridTrajectoryControl.createTrajectoryControl(GridTrajectoryControl.java:1101)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.idv.control.GridTrajectoryControl$5.run(GridTrajectoryControl.java:799)
> at ucar.unidata.util.Misc$3.run(Misc.java:1249)
> Nice function though! Hope a few bug fixes are easy and useful!
> Brian

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