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[IDD #VAI-327733]: Fwd: [thredds] 20220617: upcoming product addition to the IDD NIMAGE feed


Gridded GLM data from the NOAA Virtual Lab (Vlab) is available on the IDD and 
you can make use of it with LDM.

Using this announcement as a reference 
 example product IDs of what you'll want to look for are towards the bottom 
under the Vlab FullDisk product IDs.

A few notes:

-  The TTU data set was the original data created by Dr. Eric Bruning, but that 
data is not being made anymore.  That project was grant funded and the grant 
ran its course.  The Vlab data is the replacement.

-  The above link details the differences between the TTU and Vlab data sets.  
I'm afraid not all of the TTU variables were continued; only FED, TOE and MFA 
are available in the Vlab data.

-  The only operational difference between the Vlab Level2 and Level3 data is 
the time period.  The level2 data are 1-minute accumulations while the Level3 
data are 5-minute accumulations.  Both update once per minute.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance please let us know.


> Hello,
> I  was tasked to bring in TTU GLM products to NCEP/EMC.
> Could you help me identify who is the POC for the data product and how is
> this data disseminated (LDM, GTS, NESDIS PDA,etc ) to users?
> Appreciate your help!

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