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[IDD #BXC-811310]: Re: [ldm-users] 20190103: impending availability of GOES-17 ABI imagery and products


re: how to tailor your LDM REQUEST(s) for GOES-16/17 data?

> what would be the request strings to get the following?

The only Level 2 (L2) product that is being distributed in the GRB
and then relayed in the IDD SATELLITE (aka DIFAX) feed is the GLM.

The NWS is sending L2 products for GOES-16 in the NOAAPort SBN, and we
are distributing the products in the IDD NOTHER or HDS feeds.  The LDM
pattern-action file action that we used to process the L2 products
looks like:

# -------------------------------------
# - NOAAPORT GOES-16 netCDF4 Producs -
# -------------------------------------
NOTHER|HDS      ^IXT(...) KNES ([0-9][0-9])([0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9])
        PIPE    -close

The python script strip_header.ph is part of the ldm-alchemy offerings in
the Unidata section of GitHub.

re: OR_ABI-L2-CMIPF-M3C07_G16

As far as I can tell, there are none of these L2 products in NOAAport.


A 'notifyme' for the LDM/IDD L2 products that are of this type looks like:

20190107T232711.712985Z notifyme[26891] INFO notifyme.c:222:notifymeprog_5()    
1765476 20190107231156.885282 HDS 730928  IXTF99 KNES 072311
20190107T232737.452223Z notifyme[26891] INFO notifyme.c:222:notifymeprog_5()    
1751002 20190107232646.124504 HDS 731229  IXTF99 KNES 072326
This listing shows that this product is in the IDD HDS datastream.

Since the Product IDs look like:

IXTF99 KNES 072311
IXTF99 KNES 072326

an LDM REQUEST line that would ask for these would be:

REQUEST HDS "IXTF99" <upstream feed hhost>

re: OR_ABI-L2-ACHAF-M3_G16

This is a cloud top height L2 product.  The LDM Product IDs for this
type of a product will include G99.  These products are also in the
HDS feed.

Some example Product IDs are:

IXTG99 KNES 072332
IXTG99 KNES 072333
IXTG99 KNES 072333

an LDM REQUEST line that would ask for these would be:

REQUEST HDS "IXTG99" <upstream feed hhost>

> Also, if this is possible:

There are no L2 products that match this name either in NOAAPort or
in the GRB.

However, it is interesting that you are inquiring about this type of a
product as products with this kind of naming are being produced by
Eric Bruning of Texas Tech, and he was providing a test feed of his
products to us, but we haven't seen any of these products from his
LDM for at least a couple of weeks now.


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