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[IDD #VYE-407779]: Re: [ldm-users] 20180102: imminent repurposing of IDD DIFAX feed

Hi Art,

> I haven't seen anything on DIFAX yet... if you're still working on it,
> that's fine.  Just want to make sure I'm not mis-configured somehow...

Sorry for the unfulfilled expectations!

Here is what has happened (that I need to send in a general announcement
to ldm-users):

- before I sent out the note to ldm-users yesterday, Mike ran the LDM
  utility 'uldbutil' to see if anyone was REQUESTing DIFAX from our
  top level IDD relay clusters

  To our great surprise, there were a number of REQUESTs for DIFAX.  We
  were surprised since there have been no DIFAX/pseudo-DIFAX products
  sent in the IDD for a LONG time, like 2 years.

- we believe that some of the sites REQUESTing DIFAX from our toplevel relay
  clusters will be inundated by the DIFAX volume increasing from zero
  to over 8 GB/hr

  So, we need to contact the LDM/IDD site administrators at those sites
  to get them to either remove their DIFAX REQUEST, or to make sure that
  they are fully aware of the impending data deluge

- after I sent the note to ldm-users, we received an administrative message
  that the NWS had declared a critical weather day for today

  The wording of the admin message made me believe that GOES-13 would not
  be turned off between 15:00 - 15:45 UTC today as was originally announced.

- this morning we got a second administrative message whose wording created
  doubt in my mind about GOES-13 being turned off

  The wording was very clear that GOES-13 drift to 60 W would be put off,
  but that was not enough to be sure if they would turn off the data (which
  is currently being bent-piped through GOES-14).  Because of this, I have
  been monitoring our GOES-13 data ingest to see if it would continue, and
  it has.  The fact that GOES-13 data is still being broadcast has reaffirmed
  my belief that during an NWS-declared critical weather day, all planned
  changes are put on hold.

So, we are poised to start inserting the GOES-16 imagery and products
into the LDM queues on our toplevel IDD relay clusters int the DIFAX feed,
but we are holding off until GOES-13 is actually turned off.  The admin
messages suggest that this would be Monday, January 8 at the earliest.

Again, sorry for the unfulfilled expectations!


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