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[LDM #NSP-325161]: how to retrieve the VOS (volunteer observing ship) data via LDM.

Hi Franke,

re: need LDM/IDD Product ID to know how to fashion an extended regular 

> Understood.

Very good.

> I am not quite sure the WMO product id/code for the VOS products.

Neither are we.  It is possible that some Unidata community member knows
if the VOS products are being sent in one of the IDD datastreams, and
if they are, what their Product IDs look like.  This is why I suggested
that you post an inquiry to the address@hidden email list
in one of my previous replies.  The other option would be to post
the request in the address@hidden email list.

> But it looks like it is the WMO-No.47 by this pdf report 
> (http://sot.jcommops.org/vos/documents/pub47_documentation_version4.pdf 
> <http://sot.jcommops.org/vos/documents/pub47_documentation_version4.pdf>) and 
> this WMO link (https://www.wmo.int/pages/prog/amp/mmop/JCOMM/OPA/SOT/vos.html 
> <https://www.wmo.int/pages/prog/amp/mmop/JCOMM/OPA/SOT/vos.html>).

WMO-No.47 looks to me like it is a reference to some WMO document, not a
WMO product id/code.

> So, the next step is I need to use notifyme commend, like  notifyme -vl -f 
> ANY -p âWMO-No.47â  ?

If 'WMO-No.47' was contained in the LDM/IDD Product ID, then your 'notifyme' 
should work.  I do not, however, think that 'WMO-No.47' is so contained.

> Sorry, I just started to learn how to use LDM.

No worries, I understand.

I strongly suggest that you post a message to either/both the address@hidden
or address@hidden email lists to see if someone out there has already done
what you want.  The Unidata community members that are subscribed to these 
lists are
quite helpful!

> Thank you for your help.

No worries.


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