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[Datastream #NVL-219514]: NGRID headers

Hi Justin,

> Your web page for NGRID headers does not appear to be functional:
> http://weather.gov/datamgmt/a2a/a2a.txt

This is a reference to an NWS page.  Evidently they changed the link.

> Do you have an alternate page where I could look up the headers?

This NWS page may be of some help:


Also, it may be of use for you to log the LDM/IDD Product IDs for
the NGRID feed for a day.  This is easily done using the LDM 'notifyme'
utility.  For example:

<as 'ldm'>
cd ~ldm
notifyme -vl logs/ngrid_headers.log -f NGRID

Let this run for a day, and then look through the resulting log file
to see what the LDM/IDD Product IDs look like.


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