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[IDD #QVD-362496]: Spring has sprung, and people want NLDN lightning data

Hi David,

> It is spring again. And in spring some people get interested in lightning
> data.  We have had a considerable uptick in people interested in the data.
> Usually they get my name and email from unidata web page(s). I assume from
> a google search.

Its nice to be popular ;-)

> Can we do two things.
> 1) change my email to address@hidden

Done.  I just changed address@hidden to address@hidden in:


> 2) Make it clear on the unidata web pages if you are not a Unidata
>    University, doing research or education, you need to contact  Vaisala.

We will expand the verbiage at the top of our NLDN page to be more explicit
in who can AND can not get an NLDN IDD feed from UAlbany.  If you would
like to a particular wording to get the message across, please send it along.

Are there other things that you would like changed/expanded?  One thing that
comes to mind is a statement of some kind that UAlbany does not provide 
NLDN data, etc.  Again, we will include whatever phrasing you want.

> It seems silly for me to have to refer these requests back to Vaisala.

Such is life, I'm afraid.  All too often we suggest to users what keys
to use in Google searches to find the information they are seeking.

> I usually use
> http://www.vaisala.com/en/products/thunderstormandlightningdetectionsystems/Pages/NLDN.aspx
> but Vaisala might have a different address they would prefer to use.
> If a direct link to Vaisala could be on the Unidata pages, that would save
> me work, and get the people the data they want faster.

We will include whatever link to Vaisala that the Vaisala folks deem


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