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Re: NOTE: a power outage will shutdown the TAMU LDM cluster, today at 1800 CST

I don't have any resources here to help with the downstreams, yet. Wish I did, but that's not currently in my realm of requirements. Also, the LDM systems that are here are pretty much all of limited volume/capability and couldn't do much more than they are supporting on-campus. 

I knew this was going to happen but last time I'd asked, no one had a timeframe. Good luck with the new switch-gear. For some reference, the original plan was to not put the Brazos UPS on generator. The number of users for the UPS getting added to the new generator is pretty small: Mostly LEARN, and the Academy. I don't think more than one or two other systems are on it. However, to replace the current generator with a new one requires pulling out the old one first! So, I'm guessing a lot of the machine room will go down. 

Because the DC plant stays up, core campus networking, TTVN networking, LEARN networking hardware (but not administrative servers) and Telecomm hardware in Wehner will still be up. EIS, Brazos, and Wehner networking will go down, as will CIS Supercomputing and most/all other customers therein.

Good luck with it. Back when Physical Plant existed, their electricians did a great job of planning and preparing, and their planned outages were always shorter (and better managed) than some done by outside contrators. Hope everything turns out OK.


On Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 12:53 PM, donna Cote <address@hidden> wrote:
Tom, Gerry,

I, unfortunately, did not learn about this power outage at Wehner until this morning.

After a power outage in recent months, these new generators and switches are an effort to prevent recurrences.

Further, the racks using 48-volts will not lose power. Just the racks, like where the LDM cluster is, will be powered down.

Chris and Trey are planning a night of sorting and labeling to get what looks like a big mess into a more manageable and orderly racks. The Brazos HPC will get some much needed firmware/software updates.

If you (individually or together) can present an emergency arrangement for any of our downstream users, that would be nice to post to ldm-users.


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Subject: NOTE:  a power outage will shutdown the TAMU LDM cluster, today at 1800 CST
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2012 12:45:10 -0600
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Starting around 6 PM on Tuesday, 18 December 2012, the LDM cluster at
TAMU will be shut down to facilitate installation of new power switches
and new backup generators. Systems should be back up by 8 AM Wednesday,
19 December 2012.

This will affect any downstream LDM users. I apologize for the very late

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