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[IDD #WFA-619667]: Request for CONDUIT feed

Hi Martha,

> I have tried to replace all spaces with tabs, and I do use vi and used
> your tip of searching on TAB. I just opened the ldmd.conf.txt file that
> I'm attaching in wordpad and the TABS are there.

OK.  I'll take a look later.

I had a slight omission in the reply I sent late last night.  I meant to say 
you were excluding the CONDUIT feed from being processed by pqact.thredds.tasc
in the 'exec' line in ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf:

exec "pqact -f ANY-CONDUIT-NNEXRAD-CRAFT /usr/local/ldm/etc/pqact.thredds.tasc

What you want is:

exec "pqact -f ANY-NNEXRAD-CRAFT /usr/local/ldm/etc/pqact.thredds.tasc

or something that approximates this.

Remember that after making any changes to ldmd.conf, you must restart your
LDM for the changes to take effect.

> To recap what we are trying to do that is still not working
> (1)  Capture SREF data via pqact.thredds.tasc. It started working with
>      the pqact file we sent yesterday, but it was filing it with the
>      incorrect name.  We made some changes based on a UNIDATA mail archive
>      search and we are now waiting for the 15Z data to come in to see if our
>      changes worked.


> Here is what we are doing now to process the SREF:
> NGRID ^[LM]..... KWBL ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9][0-6][0-9])
> /data/pub/native/grid/NCEP/SREF/(\1:yyyy)(\1:mm)\1\2_sref.grib2

> Does this look like an appropriate syntax based on what you see in the
> SREFnotifymefromnoaaport.log file I have attached?

Yes, but I will try it out on my own system to make sure (later tonight).

> (2)  Capture CONDUIT GEFS data via pqact.thredds.tasc.  We are having no
> luck with this though we do see GEFS data coming in from the notifyme to
> the nsf.gov server.

Do you see the GEFS data coming into _your_ machine?  Try running 'notifyme'
and leave it running and logging to a file to make sure that you are receiving
the data you want.

By the way, the pattern you are using in your ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf REQUEST line
for CONDUIT data:

request  CONDUIT  "(gefs)" idd.cise-nsf.gov

can be simplified to:

request  CONDUIT  "gefs" idd.cise-nsf.gov

Again, if you change this, you will need to stop and restart your LDM.

> See enclosed GEFS.log for what we are observing.
> # CONDUIT Global_1p0deg_Ensemble
> CONDUIT       /data/nccf/com/gens/prod/gefs\.(........)/(..)/pgrb2a
> /data/pub/native/grid/NCEP/GFS/Global_1p0deg_Ensemble/GFS_Global_1p0deg_
> Ensemble_\2_\100.grib2
> I think we got this from a previous pqact.thredds.conduit file you sent.

Please check the pattern in this pattern-action to make sure that you
are actually receiving those products on your own machine:

<as 'ldm'>
notifyme -vl- -f CONDUIT                                     <- verify that you 
are actually
notifyme -vl- -f CONDUIT -p /data/nccf/com/gens/prod/gefs    <- verify that your
                                                                pattern matches 
products being
The other thing you can do to really troubleshoot is:

- extract just the CONDUIT action into its own patter-action file
- add a new exec line to ldmd.conf that sends CONDUIT data to that
  single-purpose pattern-action file
- stop and restart your LDM


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