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[IDD #AOD-266973]: IDD feed Question

Hi Jason,

> I may well be asking the wrong questions.  I'm only interested in the PPS 
> feed.

OK.  The information I sent you previously still applies:  in order to 
participate in
the IDD (i.e., get fed the IDS|DDPLUS feed (PPS is part of this feed)), you 
will need
to be fed from a Unidata university site that is willing to feed non-university 

> I followed the documents at 
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/ldm/ldm-6.6.5/basics/configuring.html
> and I have LDM all setup but when it asked for Upstream feed site thats where 
> I started
> to wonder what is required after that point.
> Any information you can provide on this I will be thankful.

Please let us know where you are and what you intend to use the data feed for, 
and we
will contact some likely universities to see if they are willing to feed you.

Please provide the following information:

- name and IP address of the machine on which you want to run the LDM to get
  the IDS|DDPLUS feed.

  Please note: your machine should have forward and reverse DNS name lookup
  (meaning that your machine's name can be resolved into an IP address and visa

- your contact information:

  full name
  email address
  phone number

  Note that this information is needed by the upstream feed site in case there
  are problems with your connection and they need to contact you to resolve
  the problems.

- a short description of who you are and why you want the data feed


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