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Re: 20040630: NSSL access to IDD

Jeff Weber wrote:

Hi Doug,

Currently both nat and idd  .nssl.noaa.gov are allowed to feed from:


There have been other connections to OU from NSSL in the past, but seem to
be dated and not flowing currently. Since OU is providing the feed, it
would be in everyones best interest to limit the feed between OU and NSSL
to one machine, and let other NSSL machines feed from that primary host.
This is for bandwidth and load considerations...and efficiency.

I am still setting up your lightning feed from SUNY-Albany..
Thank you!

I am not aware of anyone feeding from OU at the present, except for the level 2 radar. If you do become aware of any, direct them to me and we will set up something in house.

- Doug