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1.0 Release Notes
Integrated Data Viewer
Version 5.7

The items below reflect changes since the 5.6 release.

1.0 System Changes

1.1. Latest netCDF-Java Version

The version of the netCDF-Java library currently distributed with the IDV is the 4.6.15. This is a bug fix release. See the netCDF-Java Library for a more details information.

1.2. IDV Certifcates

Java Webstart, Windows app and MacOS certificates have been renewed and will be valid until at least May 30, 2020 (MacOS certificate is valid until 2024). Moreover, as properly signing the IDV under these different environments can be an involved process, this information has thoroughly documented here.

2.0 Display Changes

2.1. Color Tables

New enhanced color tables have been added in this version, including AWIPS color tables and Satellite products customized color tables.

2.2. NWS Hazard Warning

NWS Tornado, Severe Thunderstorm, Flash Flood and Special Marine Warning KML files were supported in this release. A new menu item has been added to access the official NWS Warnings site directly under Data > Special data list.

2.3. CDM Profile data type

Common Data Model profile feature data is a set of data points along a vertical line, inlcluding a collection of a time series of profile features at named locations. CDM Profile data can be loaded in the Data Choosers: RAOB > Soundings Local.

3.0 Jython Changes

3.1. ABI and AHI Formulas

Added a series of formulas specific to ABI (Advanced Baseline Imager), AHI (Advanced Himawari Imager) and MSG (Meteosat-8 through 11)to create displays of RGB and band subtraction products. These formulas can be found in the Field Selector under Formulas > Satellite. Also, derived fields for these products will be automatically added to the Field Selector when the multi bands ABI data source is loaded that includes bands required to create the product.

3.2. Grid Diagnostics Formulas

Added a variety of formulas specific to gridded datasource to calculate Saturation Equivalent Potential Temperature, Heat Index, Helicity, Ellrod Index, LP Index, and Richardson number.

4.0 Bug Fixes/Known Problems

4.1. Bug Fixes

We fixed a bug associated with the excessive data loading in this release. Another bug fixed is to handle the redirect of the http urls.

4.2. Known Problems

For a list of outstanding known problems, see the Known Problems page.


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