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[UDUNITS #LSG-556160]: trying compiling udunits on UBUNTU machine


> i'm trying to compile udunits on my UBUNTU Linux machine, but i got
> only errors when doing make.
> Here is what i did. I hope somebody can give me a hint what to do.
> 1) my system is:
> frank@ubuntu:~/Desktop/udunits-1.12.4/src$ uname -a
> Linux ubuntu 2.6.17-10-generic #2 SMP Tue Dec 5 22:28:26 UTC 2006
> i686 GNU/Linux
> 2) my configure command was.

The output from your configure script looked OK.

> 3) now the "make" command which fails ... s. above  "Fehler = error"
> root@ubuntu:/home/frank/Desktop/udunits-1.12.4/src# make
> making `all' in directory /home/frank/Desktop/udunits-1.12.4/src/udunits
> make[1]: Betrete Verzeichnis '/home/frank/Desktop/udunits-1.12.4/src/
> udunits'
> make[2]: Betrete Verzeichnis '/home/frank/Desktop/udunits-1.12.4/src/
> udunits'
> gcc -c -Df2cFortran -I../lib -I../port/misc  udunits.c
> udunits.c: In function ‘main’:
> udunits.c:113: warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in
> function ‘exit’
> gcc -o udunits -Df2cFortran udunits.o -L/home/frank/Desktop/
> udunits-1.12.4/src/lib -ludunits -L/home/frank/Desktop/udunits-1.12.4/
> src/port/misc -ludport
> /home/frank/Desktop/udunits-1.12.4/src/lib/libudunits.a(utlib.o): In
> function `decomp':
> utlib.c:(.text+0x6a5): undefined reference to `fmod'
> /home/frank/Desktop/udunits-1.12.4/src/lib/libudunits.a(utlib.o): In
> function `dectime':
> utlib.c:(.text+0x8ee): undefined reference to `floor'
> /home/frank/Desktop/udunits-1.12.4/src/lib/libudunits.a(utlib.o): In
> function `utRaise':
> utlib.c:(.text+0x1172): undefined reference to `pow'
> /home/frank/Desktop/udunits-1.12.4/src/lib/libudunits.a(utlib.o): In
> function `utPrint':
> utlib.c:(.text+0x22b9): undefined reference to `log10'
> utlib.c:(.text+0x22c1): undefined reference to `ceil'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Apparently, on your system the Standard C math functions are not
par of the C runtime library.

Please try the following:

1.  Go to the top-level source-directory.

2.  Execute the command "make distclean".

3.  Set your environment variables as before.

4.  Set the environment variable LD_MATH to reference the
    library that contains the C math functions, e.g.,

        export LD_MATH=-lm

5.  Execute the configure script as before.

6.  Proceed with the rest of the build process as before.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: LSG-556160
Department: Support UDUNITS
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed