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[THREDDS #TBD-650675]: GOES SRSO data access via THREDDS?


If you can talk to an ADDE server, there are:


SRSO data should be available on the ADDE NOTHER channel.

Our own thredds server does not have any SRSO images, since they are not 
distributed over NOAAPORT, and we have not developed any way to process the raw 

I'm not sure what NESDIS is serving, but I did find this from SSEC:


As far as our aggregations are concerned, on our servers we only aggregate 
through GRIB collections or through Forecast Model Run Collections (FMRC). 
There are no aggregations available for the GINI satellite imagery.

I hope this helps,


> I was wondering if there is data access, preferably via a THREDDS
> server, to GOES Super Rapid Scan Operations (SRSO) output.
> I see "run of the mill" GOES data served up via links shown here, but
> have not found access to SRSO data.
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/data/index.html#satellite
> I also wondered, in looking at these directories, what governs whether
> something is offered via an Aggregation, versus not.  I don't see any
> Visible data offered this way.
> http://thredds.ucar.edu/thredds/idd/satellite.html
> I've also poked around here (not a THREDDS server), but was unclear if
> the SRSO data is off in a place by itself, and not within these more
> operational streams of GOES data.
> ftp://satepsanone.nesdis.noaa.gov/goeswest/GWNHEM01V.2016.126.0130z.bin
> Thanks for anywhere you can guide me.

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