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[THREDDS #WVA-198552]: NAS Hardware for Thredds Server


Most of the buffering is done in memory. This doesn't imply that thredds 
necessarily needs a lot of memory (2 GB can be fine, if a little cramped), 
though more memory always helps. There are a couple processes that do use the 

1) The TDM, which is a separate daemon you can run for indexing GRIB files, 
writes indexes for GRIB files to disk
2) NCSS, when returning NetCDF4 formatted data, has to first write the data to 
a temporary file on disk. This file is then returned.

I hope this helps.


> We actually decided to run the server on a virtual server, which is hosted by 
> our IT-group. This actually brings me to another question.
> Do the different THREDDS-Services (e.g. subsetting, â) âbufferâ the 
> data on the machine on which the server is running? In other wordsâ
> Does the virtual machine (which hosts the server) need a lot of memory or do 
> the services work directly in the directory where the data is
> located? I hope that this sounds somehow reasonable ;)

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