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[THREDDS #XIU-305285]: TDS 4.6.1 - fail to create featureCollections based on NCEP Wavewatch3 transfer files

Hi Greg,

I was able to fix your example file using NcML (attached to this message). 
However, there were definitely some hacks:

1. The CDM requires that when there are "station" and "time" dimensions, they 
should appear in the following order when used to dimension variables: "station 
time". This is not a CF requirement--merely an (undocumented) requirement of 
our own implementation. I believe we have a JIRA ticket in place to address 
this in the future.

Your original dataset has the order "time station". I was able to fix this in 
the NcML using 'shape="station time"', however THAT'S NOT GENERALLY POSSIBLE. I 
was only able to do it in this instance because your dimension lengths were 
"time=7, station=1", so I could swap the dims without needing to rearrange the 

2. When using the Orthogonal multidimensional array representation of time 
series [1], the latitude and longitude variables are expected to be dimensioned 
by "station" only, not "time station" or even "station time". I noticed that 
all your latitudes are the same and all your longitudes are the same, so I just 
dropped the "time" dimension from their shapes in the NcML.

FYI, the easiest way to check whether a DSG dataset is CF-compliant is to open 
it in toolsUI [2]. Go to the FeatureTypes->PointFeature tab. If you can open 
the dataset there and the rows in the tables look okay, you should be good to 


[2] ftp://ftp.unidata.ucar.edu/pub/netcdf-java/v4.6/toolsUI-4.6.jar

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