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[netCDFJava #XNS-858699]: NetCDF blank image in thredds


What version of THREDDS are you using? There have been many changes to the WMS 
code recently, so it's important to be using a recent version of the software.

We're currently in the process of getting a release of 4.6.1 (should be out 
some time this week); this is the version we are pushing as a stable release 
going forward.

I'd be happy to check your NetCDF file, but the link you included now produces 
an error.


> Dear Sir or Madam,
> currently I'm trying to run the THREDDS server in my company to provide
> a wms interface for our processed ESA-GOCI/MERIS data.
> We have decided to use the NetCDF format for that.
> Unfortunately I'm not able to get the desired output, all I get from the
> NetCDF file is a blank image.
> Interestingly enough when using the official NetCDF Tools UI application
> (FeatureTypes => Grids => browse to the NetCDF file locally) it will
> show the correct data, but not via WMS.
> Could you please have a look at the provided NetCDF file and help me
> with my problem?
> The NetCDF is currently created with python using numpy, pandas and the
> osgeo and NetCDF4 packages.
> Most likely I have misinterpreted the NetCDF CF :(
> Link to the NetCDF File (about 10 MB):
> https://owncloud.eodc.eu/public.php?service=files&t=949a4aece7c3db9eec8c94d2f4e5265a
> Thanks in advance,
> Christoph Holter

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Ticket ID: XNS-858699
Department: Support THREDDS
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