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[THREDDS #ZVT-415274]: Plans for upcoming MRMS GRIB2 data


Thanks for the information, sounds like you know more than we do. I didn't even 
know PNG was an option for GRIB compression. The parameter ID/names sounds 
annoying, but it *shouldn't* break anything for us (I think). Some questions:

1) If you're willing to share your code changes for the PNG compression, we'd 
love to have them, even if it's just a starting point for our own 
implementation of PNG compression. It's always easier to start with a known 
working version.

2) Can you share the test data with us? Or at least point me to your contact at 
NSSL so I can try to get the data myself?



> Sean,
> Thanks for info.  Like you, we are also awaiting its implementation.
> We were provided some test data from NSSL.  I am not sure if you were aware 
> but MRMS uses template 5.41 (PNG).  The UCAR GRIB2 Java decoder does not 
> support the PNG compression.  I've added support for PNG if there is any 
> interest (it was easy to add).  The products look fine in our COTS software.  
> Adding the GRIB tables will probably not be fun, namely because of they do 
> not use the GRIB2 templates correctly (e.g., the isothermal Reflectivity at 
> XX deg C, should all be one parameter , with the level id of 20 (Isothermal 
> (units K)) and the appropriate value (273.15 for 0 deg C, 263.15 for -10 deg 
> C, etc).  They create X number of parameters.  I've added a number of the  
> parameter to our COTS tables for our demonstration to the Gov't customer, but 
> I am holding out that NSSL consider our suggestions prior to implementation 
> before I add any more.
> Earl

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