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[THREDDS #CPC-118546]: Meso-SAILS (FN Convention)


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. For the current, operational SAILS 
implementation, the supplemental scans come with the time set for the start of 
the scan, so there is no collision.

For Meso-SAILS, the fastest update time is 62 seconds: 

So, in theory, this should not be a problem. Admittedly, this is a tight 
window, so I think your suggestion of adding the seconds to the filename is a 
good one, if for no other reason than to future proof against any additional 
NEXRAD upgrades.

This could potentially break the thredds radarServer service, which I'm 
actively rewriting, so I'm not inclined to change the file naming until after 
that goes live.

Are there any impacts to you for a change in the filename?


> Hello Support:
> As the National Weather Service moves closer to implementing Meso-SAILS
> (reference TIN 15-04), which will facilitate as many as three or more
> supplemental low-level split cut scans per volume, there will be
> occasions where the time stamps embedded within consecutive scans can be
> within the same minute.  As the Unidata motherloade servers post NexRad
> files using the convention Level3_XYZ_NOC_YYYYMMDD_HHMM.NIDS which
> support one minute resolution, I am certainly interested (as a Unidata
> Level 3 radar user) in how your file naming convention will handle
> consecutive (Meso-SAILS) scans which occur with time stamps within the
> same minute.  Will you be adding a suffix, seconds, or something to the
> file name?

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