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[THREDDS #LNR-902648]: issue in WMS services

Hi Ghansham,

My guess would be that "intervalTime" got added as a property to a
JSP file but did not get added to the model that gets handed in to
that JSP view.

This doesn't look like something that would be caused by the ncWMS jar
containing things that should be excluded when used in the
TDS. However, you might try it again using the TDS ncWMS POM to build
ncwms.jar and see if that helps (I just sent info on that in a
response to another question of yours on ncWMS integration with TDS).

Hope that helps,


Ghansham wrote:
> Hi Sir
> I am not sure if this issue is to be addressed to you NCWMS. Anyways
> here is the description.
> I have downloaded the latest source of ncwms and compiled it to
> create ncwms jar used by thredds using the target provided in the
> ant file.  I need to compile because I added one more parameter of
> frames-per-second in the case when a multiframed gif is requested
> by the client. I have replaced this in the WEB-INF/lib/ directory.
> I am seeing the following error when I send getCapabilities request,
> otherwise for getMapRequest it is working well.
> This I am able to get from tomcat log and not thredds log.
> SEVERE: Servlet.service() for servlet [wms] in context with path
> [/thredds] threw exception [javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Property
> 'intervalTime' not readable on type boolean] with root cause
> javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Property 'intervalTime' not readable
> on type boolean
> at
> javax.el.BeanELResolver$BeanProperty.read(BeanELResolver.java:305)
> Just my luck that I could find that this property is defined in the
> wmsConfig.xml.
> I tried to comment and re-run it but it is not working.
> Can somebody provide a solution.
> regards
> Ghansham

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