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[THREDDS #VSK-508054]: Dataset not recognised by WMS + WCS


Sorry to hear that you're having problems.

Can you send the full text of the reply that you get (I think you included part 
of it, but it'd be good to see the full XML), as well as the catalogInit.log?


> I need your help. I am trying to provide data (see attached sample.cdl for 
> the data structure, and catalog.xml for the way I register the data) via 
> THREDDS WMS and WCS. However, neither the expected Layers appear in the WMS 
> GetCapabilities request, nor the expected ContentMetadata in the WCS 
> GetCapabilities request:
> </Exception><Layer><Title>GLaSS Data 
> Server</Title><CRS>EPSG:4326</CRS>[...]<Layer><Title>image name: 
> swd110429sent3.100508geometa.ip, created by MIP version: 2.2.276 
> host:ARABELLA date:2013.08.30 15:45:12 Units: degrees; band names: sun angle 
> from nadir; sun azimuth clockwise from the north; view angle from nadir; view 
> azimuth clockwise from the north; latitude positive to the north -90 to 90; 
> longitude positive eastwards -180 to 180</Title></Layer></Layer></Capability> 
> (WMS)
> and
> <ContentMetadata/> (WCS)
> Where the text within the <Title>-tag comes from the respective global 
> attribute in the data file.
> I have used the CDM validator to validate my file, and I receive lots of Grid 
> variables, so this part seems fine.

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