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[THREDDS #PFD-775438]: nested directory in datasetScan

Hi Ben

I do have the TDS now up and running. Installation worked fine and I created my 
catalog, but now I am struggling with my nested data structure. Is there any 
email group I can send my questions to? 

The problem is that my client side-catalog does not provide any subfolder 
information. The xml is pretty simple: 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<catalog name="THREDDS Server Default Catalog : You must change this to fit 
your server!"

  <service name="all" base="" serviceType="compound">
    <service name="odap" serviceType="OpenDAP" base="/thredds/dodsC/" />
    <service name="http" serviceType="HTTPServer" base="/thredds/fileServer/" />

  <datasetRoot path="test" location="content/testdata/" />

  <datasetScan name="CLUVA Data" path="cluva" 
location="/home/ingo/Documents/data/" >
    <metadata inherited="true">

I get a nice listing of all data in the root folder of 
/home/ingo/Documents/data/, but none of the nested folders is displayed. The 
folder structure on my local folder is:
etc. but the catalog only looks as follows (I copied a few files to the root 
level, otherwise the catalog would be fully empty): 

Best regards, 

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