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[THREDDS #VNI-792787]: WMS error

Hi Fan,

I've been going through the tables you provided, and I have a couple of 

1) Do you realize that many of the parameters coded in the provided tables 
override WMO standards?  These are parameters in the low number range (under 

2) Parameter codes can only map to one parameter.  For instance, in the table 
described in gribtab_CLM.txt, the following entries are problematic:

085:SoilTemp1:Average layer 1 soil temperature     K       
085:SoilTemp2:Average layer 2 soil temperature     K       
085:SoilTemp3:Average layer 3 soil temperature     K       
085:SoilTemp4:Average layer 4 soil temperature     K       
085:SoilTemp5:Average layer 5 soil temperature     K       
085:SoilTemp6:Average layer 6 soil temperature    K       
085:SoilTemp7:Average layer 7 soil temperature    K       
085:SoilTemp8:Average layer 8 soil temperature    K       
085:SoilTemp9:Average layer 9 soil temperature    K       
085:SoilTemp10:Average layer 10 soil temperature   K       

The same parameter number cannot be applied out to 10 different parameters.  As 
a side note, this is one of the parameters that overrides the WMO standard.  
WMO parameter 85 is close, but actually a surface soil temperature:

<parameter code="85">
    <description>Soil temperature</description>
    <GCMD>EARTH SCIENCE > Land Surface > Soils > Soil Temperature</GCMD>

3) One final question - are you certain that the table version numbers are 


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