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[THREDDS #OKJ-220860]: Custom Data Reader

> Hello everyone,
> I am a CS student currently starting my bachelor thesis. My task is to 
> integrate THREDDS and rasdaman. To that end, I have familiarized myself with 
> both services and it seems to me that the solution is creating a data reader 
> for THREDDS which can read the rasdaman file format (does this seem right to 
> you?).
> However when looking for concrete information on these custom data readers 
> (as mentioned here: 
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/publications/factsheets/2010sheets/thredds_factsheet.pdf),
>  I have not really found anything. I downloaded the source code hoping to 
> find an example class, but I cannot find any documentation on the 
> implementation structure and hence do not really know where to look.
> Is there some sort of documentation on the structure of the source code that 
> I missed?
> Thanks in advance,
> Jana Kohlhase

Hi Jana:

So are you imagining that THREDDS would be a front end server for rasdaman? 

Writing an IOSP could be the right thing if you need to read file based data. I 
thought rasdaman stored things in a database? 

Did you see the IOSP docs in section 4 of the tutorial:



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