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[THREDDS #HPA-753738]: NetCDF subset service configuration

Dear Dr. Hegde,

I am delighted that you would like to configure a Thredds Data Server for 
netcdf subset service.  Before getting into the nitty-gritty details, it would 
be helpful to have some background information on your current operations.  It 
seems, from you opening communication, that you are already operating a TDS, 
though I am not completely familiar with implementing a Live Access Server on 
top of the TDS.  What version of the TDS are you running?  If you are not 
running our most recent release (4.3.18), we will have difficulty providing 
support, as the netcdf subsetting service is relatively new and has undergone 
several iterations of testing and enhancement since its initial release.  The 
current release can be downloaded here:


Once you are running our most recent release, it is only a matter of enabling 
the NetCDF subset service in your catalog.xml and threddsConfig.xml 
configuration files, as described here:


More information on the NetCDF subset service is here:


Please note that I have moved your initial e-mail correspondence with John 
Caron to our e-support system.  Our e-support system provides a much better 
forum for solving issues, and future questions should be directed back to here.

  Lansing Madry
  Boulder, Colorado

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Ticket ID: HPA-753738
Department: Support THREDDS
Priority: Low
Status: Open

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